The Isar River – another Germany post

I keep getting reminded by various people that I haven’t ‘finished’ my blog, i.e. put up all my photos from the trip, so I’m attempting to rectify this over the next few days. These photos are from a day that I had been looking forward to for a long while. As kids my brother and I often used to go mountain climbing and hiking with our nan’s husband, and although he has given up the mountain climbing due to being an octogenarian he still goes hiking regularly. I was very keen to take a day out of the trip to go for a hike with him and a friend who used to accompany us a lot of the time back in the day. We chose to walk along a river that runs through Munich, the Isar, one of our all-time favourite walks. During the walk we came across a beautiful large pebble that I decided to keep and, I finally engraved it with the details of the walk as a memento of what will likely be out last hiking trip together:

The Bavarian country-side:
Some typography:
Some forest scenes:
Cause-way over the Isar:
Spring-time, the trees are growing:
Apple tree blossom:
I think the clouds look most impressive here. It started raining soon after.
My hiking buddies:
Arrived at our lunch destination:
The restaurant did some very interesting things with interior decorating:


A gorgeous wooden rocking horse
Luscious country-side:

Rubbing the petals on these flowers together results in a strong garlic smell. Very strange.
A church with a huge nursery
I really liked this old wooden door and window, rustic and beautiful!

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