Melbourne 1

So, here I am, whingeing that I want to go overseas, when we’ve just had a mini-holiday down in Melbourne a mere 2 weeks ago…
Some photos from our first day. Melbourne has such a different feel to Brisbane. For one, the graffiti is better:

The reason we flew down (other than to see a dear friend who lives there), was to see Joss Whedon give a talk. To up the nerd factor of our weekend, we also decided to catch the Tim Burton exhibition currently showing at ACMI. Photos obviously weren’t allowed inside, but here are shots of the entrance to the exhibition, the Batman car, and a huge sculpture/balloon of one of Burton’s characters:

I also bought a couple of things at the gift store. A couple of post cards for a friend of mine who’s a huge fan but won’t be able to make it down there, and a pack of cards, which very likely will not be used for playing, but be framed. Try to make it down to Melbourne while the exhibition is on – it is excellent!

For more nerdy things you should check out the biggest nerd shop I have ever seen in my life - Minotaur on Elizabeth Street. Anything you could possibly want to buy and more!


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