Pitchfork in Peregian

Everyone should have a friend like our friend Nik – he is a social butterfly and a wealth of information when it comes to culinary destinations. When he recommended Pitchfork in Peregian we expected big things and weren’t disappointed.

In order of photography we ordered:

Pan fried haloumi, confit teardrop tomatoes, lemon, oregano dressing. I didn’t try this myself, but my friends who had it enjoyed it very much.
Baked proscuitto wrapped figs, goats curd, artichoke salad, vincotto. This dish was perfectly balanced in taste – the saltiness of the proscuitto with the sweetness of the figs and slight tang of the dressing – and texture – soft fig, crunchy proscuitto, soft curd. My favourite dish of the night this was definitely a 10/10, I would eat this every single night if I could.
Slow roasted pork belly, green mango, cuttlefish salad, chilli caramel dressing. I am a lover of pork belly and this didn’t disappoint; just the right amount of stickiness on the outside, beautifully moist on the inside, again, very nicely balanced flavours.

Tomato, goats cheese, basil, linguini. Not the most original combination of flavours but my vego friend loved the taste, and I think the cherry tomatoes are a nice touch.
Pan fried snapper fillet, kipfler potato, fetta, watercress, spanner crab salad. Perfectly cooked, moist fish with the salad  that balanced the richness of the fetta and crab wonderfully with the watercress.
Char grilled pancetta wrapped beef fillet, green beans, red wine jus, whipped gorgonzola. A popular choice at our table; the meat was cooked exactly as ordered in every instance and very tender. The popular concesus was that the gorgonzola was slightly over-powering, but this was easily solved by moving it to the rim of the plate, so happy campers all around with this. The rest of the flavours were beautiful.
Pan roasted spatchcock, roast garlic jus, green beans, fetta, roasted olive salad. Beautifully cooked spatchcock and the salad was also lovely but personally I would have liked a side with it to soak up the beautiful sauce. I could have ordered a side of mash I guess, but the portion was way too large for my as it was.

Chocolate tart, summer cherry, coconut ice- cream. YUM! This was chocolatey and gorgeous without being too rich; the slight tanginess of the cherries cut through and the coconut ice-cream was creamy and gorgeous without being too sweet. Another 10/10 dish imo.
Vanilla Pannacotta, caramelised mango, lychees, lime syrup, biscotti. I didn’t try this but another satisfied customer in my friend, and the texture of the panacotta looked 100% spot on.

Overall I would give the food a 8.5/10. Beautiful overall but could do with a few minor tweaks. Service was excellent. We were also much entertained by the fact that Kevin Rudd and his family had dinner at the next table – tried to keep politics talk at a minimum but failed miserably, so hopefully we managed to keep the volume down a bit at least ;)

Pitchfork 5/4 Kingfisher Drive, Peregian Beach. Open 6 days a week, and closed on Mondays. Lunch  12:00-2.00pm. Dinner 5:00pm until close. BYO. Selection of vegetarian and gluten free meals.

Oh, and the coffee was also good, so if you’re in the area you should definitely check it out.

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