Last Day in Amsterdam

Saturday morning we headed off to the Nordemarkt. I guess this is the counterpoint, culturally, to all the markets we went to in Hong Kong. Some impressions:

Hmmm.. nuts and chocolate-covered nuts
A variety of cheese-grating implements.
Floating ginger.

Then we moved on to some organic markets nearby.

So much goat’s cheese!
These were the biggest oysters I’ve ever seen. Some of them were 20cm long!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous on my last day, and people were taking advantage of it straight away – sitting outside even though it was still quite cool. Some final impressions of Amsterdam, bathed in sunlight:

Since I started with the rubbish photos, I shall finish with one. This is what most of the bridges ended up looking like by the time I left.


  1. >Great posts on our fair city Kat. Nice to see it from someone else's angle. Still waiting for summer to arrive its been chilly and 13 degrees grey skies. Makes me appreciate that sun on your side of the world!! Will keep following your take on things here x

  2. >Thanks Cath.
    Unfortunately it's cold and rainy here today, too :(
    I'll post some pics from the weekend soon, had a lovely sunny day on Sunday.
    Hope all is well with you guys!

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