Amsterdam Day 1 – Jordaan, Anne Frank House

Finally… getting back on track with my holiday postings.

I arrived in Amsterdam to even worse weather than what we had in Munich – colder, drizzly..

To make matters worse the garbage men were on strike the week I was there. When I walked outside Central Station there was rubbish EVERYWHERE. Luckily, in the nicer parts of town the rubbish was inside garbage bags, that were gradually piling up more and more during my stay.

Despite this, Amsterdam was still really beautiful! We spent the morning walking around the local area – the Jordaan quarter. A selection of typography encountered on this walk:

A yummy cheese shop where we did some shopping, De Kaaskammer:

In the afternoon, I went to see Anne Frank House. After finishing the book the week prior, it was definitely a bit eerie standing in the spaces where Anne, her family, and the other hide-aways lived all those years ago, and where Anne wrote her diary. It’s also confronting (in a good way), and a very impressively put together museum, so it’s a must-see if you’re in Amsterdam.

By the time I got home it was beer o’clock:

Cath’s window sill

For dinner Al prepared a selection of nibbles, including the cheeses we bought that day. Yumskos:


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