Last Day – Shopping at the Jade Markets, random bits

In the morning of our last day we went to the Jade Markets – they were a cacophony of colour and shape. I always thought Jade was green, but apparently it’s available in pretty much all the colours of the rainbow. The vendors were selling everything from necklaces to pendants, rings, bracelets, figurines, belt buckles, be-tasseled things, tea pots, and more.
I bought a lovely long (and very heavy) beaded necklace made of Old Jade – the colours vary a bit, dark greens and browns with swirls carved into each bead. Kind of like the necklace in the middle of the third pic, but different colours. I also bought a really pretty belt – a round carved dragon symbol with woven leather straps – I’ll have to photography it when I’m back in Munich and post it.
There were so many pretty things to buy, I really had to hold back.

A collection of fans at the Jade Markets.
 Random bits and pieces at yet another market alleyway.
 I presume these to be shed snake skins – no idea what purpose they’re being sold for.


And some turtle shells – sorry, CK.

This was so damn cute – the kitty sitting in the middle of all the apples. The vendor was very enarmoured with her pet; she even had a jade pendant on her collar:

Last lunch in HK – steamed pork buns and fried noodles. Yum.

For dinner we went to a little Japanese place that was called “Miso cool”. Lol

After dinner, off to the airport we went, Ton back home, and the rest of us onto Munich. More posts to come.

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  1. >oww – pass on the snake skin and turtle shells thanks. Think I could see the odd Buddha in the background? Don't like JAde but those markets look really interesting, another place I mised out on – poo! GaZZie

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