Allianz Arena

I was unable to attend a football game whilst in Munich but at least I got to got on a tour of the Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich’s home stadium. Sadly, it was a grey, cold, windy day, but still fascinating. The amazing exterior almost matched the sky perfectly.

This is what the coach and players see during the press conference – usually with loads of journos..

The Bayern Munich change room:

Every player has a photo of himself above their locker. Like in a child care centre… This is the locker of Bastian Schweinsteiger:

The players come out of this change room…

..and down these steps to get out onto the pitch.

 Another shot of the air-filled exterior bubbles.


  1. >Hmm, I was there as well 2 months ago and got to go to a match. It was an awesome atmosphere with 69000 people. In response to your question Andrew. Each "air bubble" can be individually controlled and has 4 fluro tubes per colour. The colour being red (for Bayern Munich), Blue (for TSV 1860 Munich) and White (generic). So a total of 12 tubes per "air bubble". Believe it our not but the cost for having each bubble on a colour is $50 an hour, so quite cheap considering there are 1056 illuminated "air bubbles"

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