Calligraphy made to measure

Ever since we saw a little exhibit inside the Big Buddha with beautiful calligraphy paintings I had become a little obsessed with trying to find a nice piece of calligraphy to take home with me. I looked around quite a bit, but surprisingly (to me) I couldn’t find anything in shops. The night we went to the Temple Street Markets I thought, surely I will find something here. I saw some prints, but nothing too exciting, until this one stall with a few big scrolls at the back of the stand. I found some calligraphy I quite liked (the image of the script), but I didn’t like the paper itself – too motley for my liking. Anyway, the guy there turned out to not only be a vendor, but a calligraphy artist himself, so he offered to write me a fresh copy on a background of my choosing (off-white).
He was such a nice man, and so very thoughtful and precise. The saying translates to (apparently, Andrew, maybe a little help here if you can): A thousand mile journey begins with the first step.
I cannot wait to find a spot to hang this.
Here are the photos of the process. Enjoy:

And the finished piece.


  1. >Hi Kat,
    Can't wait to go to Hong Kong. Your posts are really good, dont think we will be able to keep up with them on our trip…will be enough keeping up with a 17 month old baby i think!
    Well off to annies for lunch.
    Taurs xxoo

  2. >Kat – that's perfect. How special is it going to be to you – so nice to have a piece like that you can keep and treasure for good.And a good one to roll and travel with. YEAH!!!! GaZZie

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